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Money and competition can influence taxi drivers to take risks

When you look at a taxi, what do you see? Perhaps no more than a car that you can hop in at a moment’s notice when you need to get around town. But the world of taxis and taxi drivers can be filled with stress and steep competition.

Taxi drivers are not typically on a salary. They make their money one fare at a time. Because of this, they hustle constantly to get passengers in and out of their vehicles. They spend long hours behind the wheel. They may forgo taking breaks because if they are not in a position to pick up a customer, another driver will gladly take the call.

These circumstances can make taxicabs potentially dangerous vehicles. In their haste to get to the next fare, a driver may drive too fast or even run a stop light. In Chicago’s heavy traffic, this could easily lead to a collision with another vehicle, or even a pedestrian. Such a collision can cause serious injuries and leave victims with long-term physical issues.

If you are ever involved in an accident with a taxicab, you may have to sort out who holds liability in order to receive compensation. Both the driver and the driver’s company are required to have coverage and as a result you could be dealing with multiple insurance companies. In certain circumstances, you may have to file a lawsuit in order to receive fair recompense.

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