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Injury and Workers' Compensation for Illinois Police Officers

In our Workers' Compensation practice we represent every type of worker some of whom are police officers or firefighters. While Chicago Police Officers are excluded from the IllinoisWorkers' Compensation Act, County, State and suburban officers are entitled to benefits under the Act as well as to benefits under other specific statuts applicable only to them.

For instance, suburban police officers are entitled to receive benefits under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. This law requires the municipality to pay for all of their medical treatment and to compensate them should they suffer some degree of permanent disability that results from the work injury. These officers are also entitled to up to one year of full salary, tax free when they are injured and unable to work under the Public Safety Empolyee Benefits Act (PSEBA). Many municipalities refuse to provide this benefit in disputed cases and a cause of action can be filed to recover this benefit for the injured police officer. In addition many are entitled to benefits under the Public Safety Empolyee Benefits Act (PSEBA). Our Founding Partner, David Figlioli, a former police officer himself, is well versed in these laws and the rights they provide. He has represented many public servants before the administrative panels and courts that provide redress for their injuries. If youve been hurt at work as a civilian or Police Officer or Firefighter, contact Morici, Longo & Associates to see how we can help.

If the injury suffered by the police officer is so severe that he or she can never return to work as a police officer, that officer can be awarded a duty disability pension benefit of 65% of his or her salary under the Illinois Pension Code. Moreover, if the officer is awarded a duty disability pension benefit, he or she may be entitled under certain circumstances to continue receiving health insurance paid for by the municipality which would include coverage for a spouse and children under the Public Safety Employee Benefit Act (PSEBA).

Our firm is one of the few law firms that handle all of these types of cases and claims before the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission, various pension boards and in circuit courts throughout the Chicagoland area. If you are an injured police officer, make sure you are receiving every benefit available to you under the law. You certainly deserve it! Call us with any and all questions you may have at 312-372-9600.