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Bus drivers must look out for pedestrians battling winter weather

We all know just how severe the winter weather can be in Chicago. Chicagoans are generally a tough breed who can handle the dips in temperature coupled with the cold and cutting gusts of wind that blow in from Lake Michigan. Yet, even though we are acclimated to these conditions, we still must be careful when venturing outside during the winter months.

Of course, the area can experience occurrences of freezing rain and snow during the winter months and when it does, those who are driving on the roads must take special care. This goes for all drivers, including those who work for the city's public transportation system.

Often when the weather gets cold and blustery, pedestrians will wear hats, scarves and other apparel to keep their heads warm and protected from the elements. However, these items can also affect their ability to view their surroundings. When there is snow or ice on the ground, pedestrians must watch where they step to avoid slipping and falling. All of this means that as they cross the streets, pedestrians may not be able to see oncoming traffic.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon bus drivers to travel at speeds appropriate to the conditions of the roads and be on the lookout for pedestrians who cross their paths. It can be difficult in the best of conditions for someone on foot to get out of the way of a moving bus, but it could be impossible on a slick surface.

Bus drivers owe pedestrians a duty of care. When the streets are slick and dangerous, bus drivers can fulfill this duty by keeping an eye out for those who are on foot and by practicing safe driving techniques. Being struck by a bus, even at a low rate of speed, can leave a pedestrian seriously injured.

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