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Older bicyclists suffering an increase in fatal injuries

In recent years, something of a phenomenon has developed as more people are riding bicycles and older riders are a big part of this trend. It has been postulated that some of the increased interest in bicycling is due to the success of Lance Armstrong. The theory goes that Armstrong's winning ways in the Tour de France inspired others of a certain age to take up the sport.

However, the upsurge of people taking to the road on bicycles has had some harsh unintended consequences. A published study has revealed that among riders ages 35 to 54, the mortality rate has increased threefold in the past 40 years.

There is speculation as to why this tragic rise has occurred. Perhaps part of the problem is that we are apparently going through a couple of societal shifts at once. For one thing, many people are staying physically active as they age. Additionally we are becoming more aware of both the health and environmental advantages of eschewing driving in favor of bicycling.

While there is an increase of bicyclists on the road, the road itself is still dominated by motor vehicle traffic. Certainly bicyclists can take precautions, such as wearing helmets, riding defensively and wearing reflective gear. However, motorists also have to realize that bicycles are now part of the roadway landscape.

Often older bicyclists have families and responsibilities. The family of an older rider fatally injured by a motor vehicle could suffer in so many ways. The emotional strain of losing a loved one can be overwhelming, and there are financial issues to consider as well.

If a member of your family is fatally injured in a bicycle-motor vehicle accident, you may find an experienced attorney can help you deal with some of your sudden needs. The attorney could help you determine if a civil suit against a negligent driver is appropriate and also represent your interests when dealing with insurance companies.