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Plow Tracker web page helps Chicagoans avoid snow-covered streets

It is virtually impossible for a Chicago motorist to make it through the winter without developing the driving skills needed to safely navigate slick, snow-covered streets. Of course, whenever possible, it is best to stay off the roads when the snow starts to accumulate. But all too often there is no alternative and we must simply do our best to deal with the circumstances, even when conditions are getting more treacherous by the minute.

However, if you are facing the prospect of getting in your car and braving the elements, the City of Chicago's website has a nifty feature that could help you plan the best route to your destination. It is called the Plow Tracker, and it is a web page dedicated to providing residents with up-to-minute information regarding the city's snow plowing efforts.

Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation is tasked with clearing the snow and putting down salt to help keep the city moving. The Plow Tracker map allows residents to watch in real time as snowplows and salt spreaders work, starting on the major thoroughfares and then moving onto neighborhood streets.

While the Plow Tracker can give you a helpful heads-up regarding the conditions you will be facing if you have to get out and drive, dangers will always lurk on slick streets. It is all too easy to get into an accident caused by a negligent driver who does not adjust his or her driving to accommodate the road conditions.

If you are ever involved in a weather-related accident, you may find it difficult to get the full measure of compensation to which you are entitled. Receiving appropriate compensation can be especially important if you or a family member were injured in the accident. An Illinois motor vehicle accident attorney may be able to help you by working with insurance companies to get you a fair settlement.

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