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Taxi drivers must be able to take on Chicago's winter weather

When the Chicago temperatures dip to sub-freezing levels, many people seek the services of taxicabs to get from here to there while keeping out of the elements. Taxicab drivers have the responsibility of seeing that those who ride in their vehicles arrive at their destinations safely. Inclement weather demands that they proceed with caution.

It takes skill and experience to drive the Windy City’s streets when weather conditions become especially treacherous. It is incumbent upon taxi companies to make sure that all of their drivers have abilities that measure up to the task. The drivers should also meet all legal requirements in order to be granted the privilege of picking up passengers.

Unfortunately, as we have previously written, sometimes cab companies are not as selective as they should be when hiring drivers. In the best of conditions, an inept cab driver can be a danger to their passengers. When the weather turns nasty, the drivers become that much more of a threat.

When getting into a cab, you may not become aware that the driver is not competent until it is too late. A collision could leave you with injuries requiring a trip to the hospital. If your injuries are of a severe enough nature, you may even be facing a long-term period of convalescence and rehabilitative treatment.

In the event of a taxi accident, an investigation of both the driver and their company may reveal information that demonstrates negligence. A Chicago commercial vehicle accident attorney might be able to look into the matter to determine liability. The attorney may also work with insurance companies in attempting to get you compensation.

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