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How can consumers check to see which bus companies are safest?

A coach bus can provide very affordable transportation. But the price of a ticket is not necessarily the most important factor when planning a bus trip. It is a good idea for consumers to get as much information as possible prior to making a booking. A bit of research could reveal which companies have good records of safety performance.

Buses belonging to companies with poor performance records could possibly be more likely to be involved in accidents. But how can a consumer access the facts about the various bus companies they may be considering riding with?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers a free mobile application that can be downloaded for just such a purpose. The SaferBus app gives consumers access to essential information regarding bus company safety.

With the app, users can check a bus company?s operating status. A consumer can learn if a bus company?s safety rating is unsatisfactory or if it lacks proper registration or insurance. The user can also find out if a company has been ordered to cease interstate operation.

Additionally, the app provides bus company safety performance data in a variety of categories. This data are presented in such a way to allow consumers to see how different companies compare safety-wise.

Certainly, the app could be a useful tool to use when choosing a bus company. But ultimately, bus passengers have a right to expect that the company they choose is adhering to all relevant regulations. This means that the bus on which they ride must be properly maintained and the operators are trained and capable of driving safely.

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