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Rules for children while on board a school bus

Chicago parents have every reason to worry about their children's safety. But some consternation can be allayed if you know your child understands how to behave in everyday situations that may pose hazards. For example, if your child knows the rules of school bus safety, your mind can rest a little easier when he or she heads out the door in the morning.

In a previous post on this blog, we discussed what a child should and shouldn't do while waiting at a stop for a school bus. In this post, we will go over the following rules children should follow while riding on the school bus:

  • Speak quietly, so as to not distract the bus driver.
  • After boarding, go straight to a seat and sit down.
  • During the ride, be facing forward at all times.
  • Do not throw things in the bus or through the windows.
  • If an emergency occurs, listen to what the driver says and obey any instructions.
  • If you want to speak to the driver, wait until the bus stops and then call the driver and raise your hand.

When children adhere to the rules listed above, it can be much easier for a school bus driver to concentrate on his or her very important responsibilities. A driver must be able to navigate the bus to its destination safely.

If a driver becomes distracted and the result is a bus crash, it is possible the children on board could suffer injuries. In such cases, it is important to determine what caused the distraction and if the accident was preventable.

If your child is hurt in a school bus accident, an experienced personal injury attorney may able be to help you determine if the driver acted in a negligent manner. The attorney could also offer aid in your pursuit of compensation for your child's medical expenses.